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How it Works


Robotic Mowing Service in The Rockies

Mowbot uses robotic mowers to manage residential and commercial lawns in The Rockies. Our service reduces your carbon footprint with little effort. Contact us to learn about Mowbot’s environmentally friendly service.

Getting Started With Mowbot

Your first step with Mowbot of The Rockies is simple: sign up for an estimate. From there, one of our best-in-class professionals will visit you for a consultation. After installing guide wires and a charging station for your new robotic mower, we will make certain that everything functions perfectly before we leave.

Continuous Mowing With Mowbot

Utilizing specialized GPS technology (paired with boundary and guide wires), our robots mow continuously in random patterns. Your lawn will always have that freshly cut look because our robotic mowers constantly cut the very tips of the grass.

Our Robot Mower Services

Here at Mowbot of The Rockies, we pride ourselves on being capable to assist anyone. We offer the following options:


  • Install Only: A professional installation and optional maintenance and service plans mean that you don’t have to worry about your lawn.
  • Bot Only: Just want your lawn mowed? We have the solution: a mow-only service.

Contact Mowbot of the Rockies today at (720) 388-6655 to utilize our robotic mowing service in the Rockies today.

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