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Better for You


Better Customer Service

Mowbot knows that excellent customer service is just as important as outstanding lawn service. Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Our goal is to wow you from the first time you call us to your weekly service visits.

Yard Always Appears Freshly Mowed

Our robots will work diligently and quietly in continuous motion. Your yard will always look freshly mowed because it is constantly mowing and taking a little off at each pass.

Better Neighbor

Battery-powered equipment means almost no noise pollution. You won’t bother your neighbors anymore.

Child and Pet Friendly Lawn Care Services in the Rockies of CO

You want to make sure your lawn is safe for pets and children. Unfortunately, gas-powered equipment brings harmful bacteria and weeds. As a Mowbot customer, your dedicated robotic mower will only be used on your lawn.


Our process reduces the need for fertilizer, which makes your lawn safer for pets and children playing outside. Additionally, the robotic mower has multiple sensors to ensure its safety. Learn more about our child-safe and pet-friendly lawn care services in the Rockies.

Head Turner

Robots Are Cool!

People are naturally curious, and they will want to know how you are maintaining your lawn. Mowbot is the ultimate conversation starter!

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