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Better for You


Better Customer Service

We offer more than just a lawn service; Mowbot is synonymous with outstanding customer service.

From the first contact to the weekly service visits, we wow our customers with our knowledgeable, friendly, and professional approach to customer care.

Yard Always Appears Freshly Mowed

Our robotic lawn mowers live and work quietly on your yard, mowing continuously. Our robotic mowers only take off a fraction of an inch on each pass, giving your lawn the appearance of always being freshly mowed.

Better Neighbor

Our battery-powered equipment is virtually silent, which means less noise pollution in your neighborhood, making you a better neighbor everyone will love having next door.

This makes playing and running around outside safer for your pets even when the MowBot is in operation. For pets that are afraid of loud noises, our robotic mower eliminates this type of trauma.

Child and Pet Friendly Lawn Care Services Myrtle Beach, SC

Finding a safe way to maintain your lawn when you are a parent or pet owner is a challenge. You are faced with dangers ranging from loud lawn mowers to toxic pesticides. For dogs, cats, children, and other small bodies that like to crawl around in the grass, this poses a serious problem. If your child attempts to flip your Mowbot mower over, the blades automatically stop their rotation. This ensures that the robotic mower is safe for everyone and even when you are not at home. Use the Mowbot any time day or night in Myrtle Beach, SC without worrying about your pet’s or child’s safety.


Head Turner

Robots Are Cool!

Your robot is sure to become a conversation starter. Everyone will want to learn more about your robot and its capabilities, creating a fun social aspect to your Mowbot lawn care service.

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