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Mowbot Residential


Residential Lawn Care - Augusta, GA


Top Rated Residential Landscape Maintenance

How many weekends did you spent last summer mowing your lawn instead of enjoying your weekends in the sun? Mowbot will help you reclaim your Augusta, GA summers!

Our residential landscape maintenance experts handle the tedious chore of lawn care for you. Using the most innovative technology, we are disrupting the way people spend their Saturdays. Instead of sitting on a lawn mower for hours at a time, you could spend the afternoon at the lake.

Battery Powered Professional Robotic Mower

Meet Mowbot, our battery-powered mower that is automated using the latest smart tech. Let Mowbot manage your lawn area with state of the art technology including boundary wires and GPS. Our robotic mowers are designed to traverse all types of landscapes and even work in the rain!

Full-Service Landscape and Maintenance

Along with high-tech robotic mowers to continuously cut your grass with the utmost precision, we also offer lawn and yard maintenance services. We provide professional edging, trimming, and leaf blowing for a complete lawn care service. Additionally, we offer seasonal landscaping services for your home, this includes fertilizing, mulching, and aerating your lawn.

Our Seasonal Services



Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, healthier lawn.  Depending on your type of grass this would be done in the Spring or Fall.



Fertilization provides your lawn with needed nutrients for healthy growth.  This can be done at different times throughout the year, depending on your grass type and the health of your lawn.



Over seeding is offered in combination with aeration to make your lawn greener and more dense.

Pre & Post Emergent and Lime Treatment

Pre & Post Emergent and Lime Treatment

We offer pre- and post-emergents to keep the weeds under control. Some yards may also need lime treatment to create better soil and to reduce weeds.



We can add mulch or pine needles to your flower beds and around your trees.


Bushes & Shrubs

We offer shrub and hedge trimming as well as tree pruning.

Find Residential Landscape Maintenance in Augusta, GA

Choose the mowing and landscaping service that will put the fun back into your summer while maintaining your finely manicured lawn. Contact Mowbot of Augusta, GA today at 706-434-8989 to get started.

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